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Dr. Lisa Griffiths Ezell

Dr. Ezell is a Winter Haven native, and she first discovered veterinary medicine when she was a child in Winter Haven.  Her mentor was Dr. Robert Adey, the founder of Cypress Animal Hospital. She joined our team in 2004 after graduating from UF, and she purchased the hospital in 2012.  Her passion is strengthening the human animal bond with veterinary medicine. Her human family consists of her husband and twin daughters, and her pet family is Caiden and Riley, Boston Terriers, and Shad, rescued cat.        

Veterinarian & Hospital Owner

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - University of Florida,2004
  • Bachelors in Animal Science - UF, 2000
  • Member of AVMA, FVMA, AAFP (feline practitioners), AAHA, and Ridge Medical Association

Kim - Practice Manager

Kim has been with Cypress Animal Hospital for several years. She started as a veterinary assistant years ago, but she found her true calling as our Practice Manager.  She is better known as the "Kitty Whisperer" in our hospital because she excels in taming the little ones that are not so eager to see the doctor.   She can be found throughout our hospital assisting everyone.  Along with her husband, she shares her home with Buddy, a rescued Chihuahua that stole his daddy's heart, multiple rescued house cats, 2 horses, a chicken, and a goose to round out the farm.

Practice Manager

- Joined our team in 1983

Kacie - Head Receptionist

Kacie has been with Cypress Animal Hospital for 16 years. She got her start at our hospital as a veterinary assistant, but she discovered her true passion was bonding with our clients.  She enjoys her daily interactions with clients in our hospital and on the phone as our head receptionist. On occassion, she can be found assisting with treatments, surgery, and exam rooms. She has a daughter at home that keeps her on her toes, a rescued pug, Diesel, and two cats, Mama Cat and Boosie.

Head Receptionist

- Joined our team in 1998


Kristen Mendez - Technician

Kristen came to us with a background in Veterinary ICU monitoring. She has proven to be a wonderful addition to our team. She is currently becoming proficient in Pet Dental care, learning to take dental radiographs and scaling and polishing teeth. She also enjoys working with the patients and clients in the exam room. At home, she has 2 beautiful children, one daughter and one son. They are the joy of her life. She also lives with 2 rambunctous dachshunds that keep her on her toes. 


- Joined our team in 2016

Callie Mae

Callie Mae came to live with us because her elderly owner passed away. She quickly assumed the role of "PRINCESS" and rules over her subjects, Hobbs and Bogey. She can be found napping in many spots around the clinic, She loves to supervise Kacie at reception and Kim in her office.  She is beautiful, and boy does she know it.  She is not one to be brushed, so on occassion you may see her with a summer shave down.

Resident Princess

- Joined our team in 2011

- Blood donor


Hobbs and his brother Calvin were abandoned at our front door when they were kittens. Hobbs is a very special kitty.  He is our very own "professional greeter", and he loves to supervise check in and check out at reception.  He is quite the prankster, and nothing pleases him more than to hear Callie Mae scream. He likes to hide and ambush her, but she gives it right back with a good "left hook". One of his main hobbies is lizard watching with Bogey at the front window or exit door. He also likes his daily sun baths at our front windows.

Resident Prankster

- Joined our team in 2009

- Blood donor

Miss Daisy

Miss Daisy came to us because her owner had to enter an assisted living facility and was unable to take her along as planned. She loves to take her daily naps in a basket on our front lobby shelves. She often startles new clients when she pops her head up. She will make time in her busy day of napping to leave her basket and greet clients.  She makes them feel welcome and loved!

Another Basket Kitty and Greeter

- Joined our team in 2014